October 2021 Competition - High Score Challenge

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Hall of Fame!

Here are the latest results for this month's High Score Challenge.

In the high-score challenge, players compete to accumulate the highest total point score. Points are awarded according to each puzzle's difficulty, and the speed with which it is solved. While the competition is active, the top 100 ranked players will be listed.

Rank Player Solved Av. Time Av. Pts Total
1.serenia1382178.3 sec.756.9 pts.1046055
2.zenobia431318153.4 sec.758.7 pts.1000000
3.deblu1060282.4 sec.894.7 pts.948375
4.kuriosi_t685253.1 sec.922.2 pts.631710
5.Alethea653164.2 sec.942.5 pts.615471
6.aring633712291.7 sec.635.3 pts.452351
7.Hevster444859820.1 sec.506.8 pts.435335
8.badevening562370.7 sec.772.9 pts.434358
9.TijerasGirl908969.7 sec.461.8 pts.419292
10.angiej505291.3 sec.778.2 pts.392992
11.Ali123433326.6 sec.815.6 pts.353158
12.emmarose646351.3 sec.541.5 pts.349822
13.cuckshake2373236.7 sec.925.5 pts.345218
14.Ravenna206468220.6 sec.733.3 pts.343204
15.fromalabama310195.1 sec.905.5 pts.280717
16.Avatar1sta557371.8 sec.475.7 pts.264970
17.uigrad966145.2 sec.264.3 pts.255342
18.gilcat362514.1 sec.679.9 pts.246131
19.KcirderfSdrawkcab345353.5 sec.675.2 pts.232943
20.penn05021575128.1 sec.130.4 pts.205402
21.losmond308602.2 sec.662.2 pts.203965
22.emchn280250.1 sec.723.4 pts.202558
23.dalfetsmarak305425.3 sec.652 pts.198857
24.MillieMcGee318168.7 sec.619.4 pts.196967
25.Daisyfish391536.1 sec.471 pts.184179
26.Janrae3491007.4 sec.484.9 pts.169241
27.bennie200235583.4 sec.690.8 pts.162338
28.Kellnerin466192.7 sec.344.2 pts.160384
29.jdwoo250470.6 sec.641.3 pts.160323
30.lcba519537.3 sec.298.6 pts.154981
31.CoupDeGrace221280.8 sec.690.7 pts.152643
32.pcuser414229.6 sec.338.5 pts.140146
33.ribby389146.1 sec.358.7 pts.139517
34.Grigor Premium Member174334.7 sec.779 pts.135547
35.wjmoore32186558.9 sec.674.5 pts.125460
36.debdra75188545.5 sec.666.3 pts.125262
37.daytripskier169565.1 sec.716 pts.121005
38.mahnamahna150292.3 sec.774.1 pts.116110
39.alben1000499647.3 sec.228.3 pts.113911
40.LeesaB3145445.8 sec.784.9 pts.113811
41.kegger5047156520 sec.722 pts.112635
42.Lill672 Premium Member238587.2 sec.468.2 pts.111425
43.dominicbeck152558.4 sec.730 pts.110966
44.Grandpa1858143.3 sec.59.7 pts.110911
45.fleaball267139.1 sec.378.7 pts.101105
46.aliciacoral Premium Member149550.6 sec.676.3 pts.100771
47.derek149476.1 sec.674.7 pts.100524
48.srbaxi147627.3 sec.672.3 pts.98830
49.Janana171294 sec.573.3 pts.98031
50.kknelson177680.8 sec.552.6 pts.97808
51.spotnsnoop2311213.2 sec.422.9 pts.97682
52.falafelle163565.1 sec.595.5 pts.97062
53.LaJollaMike430480.9 sec.223.1 pts.95926
54.garyd147624.7 sec.650.8 pts.95664
55.SgtRetired345312.6 sec.276.4 pts.95359
56.heinz158719.3 sec.603.3 pts.95314
57.soficorzomitt151675.7 sec.610 pts.92110
58.ella139355.6 sec.645.5 pts.89731
59.cerine105300.9 sec.850.3 pts.89283
60.Krakodil104303.8 sec.826.2 pts.85920
61.crit140519.9 sec.602.4 pts.84332
62.LinusMom1531724.2 sec.545.1 pts.83399
63.judg5275466.3 sec.303 pts.83333
64.grmoffy256713.7 sec.321.8 pts.82377
65.elsell132363.4 sec.620.9 pts.81954
66.gmunroe113520.8 sec.724.1 pts.81820
67.Hulka2861888.2 sec.282.4 pts.80774
68.julieolivero522133.2 sec.154.6 pts.80689
69.mrrs1521080 sec.522 pts.79337
70.AmyStern164682.3 sec.479.7 pts.78675
71.jazz178512.3 sec.441.7 pts.78618
72.hunnyb8391801193.4 sec.431 pts.77576
73.ilmama Premium Member137943.4 sec.565.5 pts.77474
74.snowelf95353.4 sec.800.8 pts.76074
75.contrary217324.4 sec.344.9 pts.74842
76.chasgoose Premium Member105251.7 sec.710.2 pts.74570
77.abbishop119254.5 sec.620.6 pts.73846
78.Editor127809.2 sec.571 pts.72517
79.Ianos152983.7 sec.472.4 pts.71805
80.nanc Premium Member318245.6 sec.222.9 pts.70883
81.irononmaiden Premium Member79260 sec.886.1 pts.70005
82.PCCGator293224.2 sec.237.5 pts.69581
83.sargeagain82332 sec.846.9 pts.69449
84.CeeEeeVee544445.4 sec.127.4 pts.69315
85.GregRoar Premium Member131925.7 sec.526.3 pts.68939
86.lamon229262.8 sec.294.1 pts.67351
87.uhlicia183192.1 sec.361.2 pts.66102
88.JMISIO2961249.8 sec.218.2 pts.64591
89.scotchbrandy118857.6 sec.538.6 pts.63552
90.levinsjm98472.8 sec.628.8 pts.61625
91.fastteacher183203.2 sec.336.6 pts.61600
92.Ticonderoga164165.8 sec.373.6 pts.61274
93.hck361111015.2 sec.551.7 pts.61238
94.jojagirl155103.2 sec.391.5 pts.60675
95.mmoose42103762.1 sec.584 pts.60154
96.Liz3112117351.1 sec.508.6 pts.59512
97.LGramlich106907 sec.548.9 pts.58186
98.catdragon16136738.6 sec.427.7 pts.58165
99.AnthemForOne79511.8 sec.732.8 pts.57888
100.argorre de strane121573.2 sec.472.1 pts.57119

* Contest began 12:01am EST, 1 October 2021.

Competition Timer
  • deblu deblu set a new record of 158 seconds on puzzle #45063 October 26, 2021, 8:34 pm
  • contrary contrary set a new record of 126 seconds on puzzle #64524 October 26, 2021, 6:57 pm
  • contrary contrary set a new record of 84 seconds on puzzle #39444 October 26, 2021, 6:53 pm
  • badevening badevening set a new record of 120 seconds on puzzle #43385 October 26, 2021, 6:45 pm
  • contrary contrary set a new record of 100 seconds on puzzle #11659 October 26, 2021, 6:31 pm
  • contrary contrary set a new record of 83 seconds on puzzle #59641 October 26, 2021, 6:20 pm
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