March 2019 Competition - High Score Challenge

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Hall of Fame!

Here are the latest results for this month's High Score Challenge.

In the high-score challenge, players compete to accumulate the highest total point score. Points are awarded according to each puzzle's difficulty, and the speed with which it is solved. While the competition is active, the top 100 ranked players will be listed.

Rank Player Solved Av. Time Av. Pts Total
1.zenobia431300229.3 sec.769.2 pts.1000000
2.serenia1115167.5 sec.770.1 pts.858617
3.KcirderfSdrawkcab1390229.1 sec.358.8 pts.498757
4.deblu561583.3 sec.797 pts.447118
5.Alethea469179 sec.932 pts.437119
6.losmond654613.3 sec.662 pts.432918
7.fromalabama965114.2 sec.418 pts.403356
8.ella Premium Member544439.7 sec.729.9 pts.397075
9.emchn504422.4 sec.760.3 pts.383177
10.aliciacoral Premium Member498426.8 sec.726.1 pts.361616
11.KeepItGoing1185143.2 sec.254.2 pts.301170
12.onlyonesue638615.5 sec.457.7 pts.292006
13.mduff5700613.8 sec.404.2 pts.282944
14.cerine315286.9 sec.873 pts.275003
15.Janana754185.5 sec.341.4 pts.257429
16.caa228326147.5 sec.726.2 pts.236756
17.aries_588687442.4 sec.328.1 pts.225380
18.Wisdom621879274 sec.119.8 pts.225138
19.bonbon23229224 sec.949.2 pts.217374
20.snowelf258356.3 sec.786 pts.202800
21.crit358593.4 sec.562.6 pts.201411
22.gilcat314710.1 sec.632.1 pts.198474
23.raghav94228344.6 sec.863.8 pts.196948
24.kuriosi_t215312 sec.894 pts.192209
25.peaches31782208257.8 sec.904.3 pts.188087
26.dalfetsmarak286287.3 sec.615.6 pts.176067
27.LaJollaMike705226 sec.242.1 pts.170659
28.LeesaB3212464.8 sec.780.3 pts.165417
29.don95485188.3 sec.331.2 pts.160654
30.TheDevil533364.1 sec.295.2 pts.157350
31.Kellnerin484268.2 sec.312.8 pts.151406
32.blakenagel372180.4 sec.381.3 pts.141857
33.Drad90395202.7 sec.356.1 pts.140675
34.AuntyS423196.5 sec.329.5 pts.139371
35.pcuser281376.1 sec.493.7 pts.138738
36.pontryagin216660.1 sec.640.3 pts.138306
37.chasgoose188279.2 sec.707.9 pts.133083
38.chelsini168568.3 sec.778.9 pts.130858
39.Grandpa1647211.5 sec.75.6 pts.124573
40.Mengberg262758.4 sec.463.9 pts.121551
41.cfrank26250626.9 sec.475.8 pts.118939
42.dead_ghost184700.2 sec.621.6 pts.114368
43.mango243417405.7 sec.271.8 pts.113358
44.SpacieInSpace2352229.6 sec.481.2 pts.113086
45.slytheringirl187728.5 sec.593.1 pts.110905
46.ribby337138.8 sec.327.8 pts.110470
47.nik4fun3832283.1 sec.287.7 pts.110188
48.angiej49286.6 sec.220.6 pts.108518
49.rockgalore173844 sec.625.4 pts.108197
50.enterin225607 sec.467.9 pts.105268
51.bennie200143568.6 sec.722.2 pts.103276
52.floup394128.1 sec.253.3 pts.99818
53.mzdzreed206389.6 sec.480.7 pts.99031
54.sweetasha419444.3 sec.234 pts.98038
55.abbishop156298.4 sec.614.3 pts.95833
56.chelar527228.6 sec.181.3 pts.95548
57.Krakodil114279.2 sec.835.2 pts.95210
58.sarahrc4129720 sec.721.7 pts.93102
59.drewmorris75645226.6 sec.143.8 pts.92719
60.SonOfABinge220699 sec.407.1 pts.89569
61.jekyllyn226414.2 sec.388.9 pts.87902
62.Dirkzet106435.8 sec.813.9 pts.86269
63.autumnleaves307595 sec.274 pts.84117
64.WeiverlyRoe1341115.9 sec.623.2 pts.83504
65.gokk144536 sec.576.8 pts.83060
66.forest284372.3 sec.283.4 pts.80475
67.trinithesylph125267.3 sec.635.6 pts.79454
68.newin258501.8 sec.304.8 pts.78639
69.jojagirl187137.2 sec.410.2 pts.76702
70.babs528180211.6 sec.417.6 pts.75173
71.kegger5047108640.7 sec.689.9 pts.74509
72.Crimsonmaj273117 sec.261.7 pts.71447
73.1019441751341.8 sec.403.5 pts.70620
74.Grigor Premium Member87304.2 sec.798.3 pts.69456
75.sargeagain78286.4 sec.888.6 pts.69308
76.dominicbeck1551450.6 sec.442.9 pts.68653
77.crimps4184211.8 sec.369 pts.67892
78.SarahAbroad112723.8 sec.601.6 pts.67375
79.TraceyS1311073 sec.511.1 pts.66954
80.Girlyman195651.1 sec.340.6 pts.66411
81.argorre de strane114466.1 sec.578.7 pts.65977
82.rubytuesday239151.5 sec.271.4 pts.64868
83.grmoffy173636.7 sec.364.4 pts.63042
84.christibeth172911.2 sec.362 pts.62259
85.levinsjm1011126.4 sec.613.7 pts.61985
86.mmnnhmmnn456470.2 sec.135.7 pts.61870
87.ScarlettOhara192934.8 sec.322.1 pts.61851
88.CCortez415227217.6 sec.267.8 pts.60789
89.connerzgram126575.6 sec.476.1 pts.59984
90.uhlicia155138.3 sec.374.3 pts.58017
91.mahnamahna75383.7 sec.771.9 pts.57895
92.HayleyB118594.5 sec.485.6 pts.57299
93.Trin9115996.1 sec.485.5 pts.55830
94.obribran215428 sec.259.3 pts.55745
95.Speechlady2285330.1 sec.191.9 pts.54685
96.asumiguel80808.2 sec.680.9 pts.54471
97.Benjamin87796227 sec.66.7 pts.53076
98.Lill672189340.4 sec.277.5 pts.52445
99.Kodee103939.9 sec.505.9 pts.52107
100.act_now110391.6 sec.472.2 pts.51945

* Contest began 12:01am EST, 1 March 2019.

Competition Timer
  • bonbon23 bonbon23 set a new record of 136 seconds on puzzle #17605 March 24, 2019, 7:11 am
  • fromalabama fromalabama set a new record of 34 seconds on puzzle #24397 March 24, 2019, 6:53 am
  • fromalabama fromalabama set a new record of 39 seconds on puzzle #3907 March 24, 2019, 6:52 am
  • bonbon23 bonbon23 set a new record of 145 seconds on puzzle #19246 March 24, 2019, 6:44 am
  • fromalabama fromalabama set a new record of 92 seconds on puzzle #9889 March 24, 2019, 6:36 am
  • bonbon23 bonbon23 set a new record of 153 seconds on puzzle #45271 March 24, 2019, 5:13 am
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