May 2022 Competition - High Score Challenge

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Hall of Fame!

Here are the latest results for this month's High Score Challenge.

In the high-score challenge, players compete to accumulate the highest total point score. Points are awarded according to each puzzle's difficulty, and the speed with which it is solved. While the competition is active, the top 100 ranked players will be listed.

Rank Player Solved Av. Time Av. Pts Total
1.zenobia431286151.1 sec.777.6 pts.1000000
2.deblu992280.5 sec.897 pts.889803
3.serenia1147180.4 sec.759.6 pts.871309
4.SoggyCactus2300263.6 sec.343 pts.788983
5.killcrusher555164.6 sec.930.1 pts.516205
6.aring633759364.2 sec.651.6 pts.494535
7.jsus540427.3 sec.791.9 pts.427638
8.CoupDeGrace467257.2 sec.703.4 pts.328487
9.gilcat495709.3 sec.615.9 pts.304857
10.Lamp298183.7 sec.939.5 pts.279959
11.dalfetsmarak Premium Member386446.3 sec.675.3 pts.260658
12.EtherealNyx90585 sec.270.3 pts.244588
13.kittyboo685267.7 sec.352.3 pts.241325
14.vandykat571701.9 sec.411.7 pts.235089
15.losmond323636.5 sec.637 pts.205735
16.pinaronen369767.2 sec.556.8 pts.205462
17.izzysam322820.9 sec.633.6 pts.204008
18.Alfie01321680.4 sec.630.3 pts.202334
19.bennie200265482.1 sec.750.3 pts.198833
20.KcirderfSdrawkcab356248.8 sec.554 pts.197241
21.JMISIO386690 sec.494.4 pts.190846
22.CWal23306472.9 sec.613.7 pts.187807
23.techchick474759.4 sec.392.7 pts.186134
24.Swamp Witch727434.3 sec.250 pts.181765
25.shortyc315 Premium Member253498.1 sec.688.4 pts.174167
26.snowelf219356.6 sec.794.9 pts.174085
27.chemwestla557606.3 sec.306.5 pts.170735
28.angiej501109.9 sec.337.8 pts.169255
29.jm26993101076.1 sec.544.2 pts.168714
30.Aviland566399.8 sec.291.4 pts.164907
31.Grigor Premium Member223468.6 sec.702 pts.156553
32.Kellnerin437181.4 sec.353.3 pts.154401
33.jess23507365.4 sec.303.5 pts.153876
34.Lill672 Premium Member324576 sec.464.8 pts.150600
35.liliza445507.7 sec.331.7 pts.147592
36.heinz242753 sec.588.3 pts.142362
37.darkfortress204595.9 sec.697.3 pts.142247
38.Cqro209609.2 sec.672.2 pts.140495
39.kuriosi_t150227.6 sec.928.5 pts.139270
40.jdwoo189431.6 sec.734.3 pts.138784
41.AnthemForOne172473.1 sec.747.5 pts.128573
42.3ave2178538.9 sec.722 pts.128513
43.MillieMcGee147231.1 sec.853.2 pts.125419
44.dominicbeck173588 sec.721.2 pts.124767
45.contrary356682.8 sec.343.9 pts.122418
46.Lady582671230.6 sec.435.5 pts.116271
47.tviolet362318.2 sec.317 pts.114744
48.Hevster444221903.6 sec.497.1 pts.109870
49.aliciacoral Premium Member180709.3 sec.594.9 pts.107088
50.daytripskier142492.3 sec.748.2 pts.106248
51.CeeEeeVee501191.6 sec.205.6 pts.103023
52.dhsmith41751969.1 sec.570.1 pts.99772
53.ajskiltus117321.1 sec.845.1 pts.98880
54.BreHealy560388.9 sec.172.6 pts.96668
55.Ravenna206130215.5 sec.731.1 pts.95049
56.ilmama Premium Member155804 sec.612 pts.94866
57.Dragonfly5182804224.9 sec.335.5 pts.93951
58.clairettt1851225.1 sec.506.4 pts.93688
59.oeightonenine151674.8 sec.613.5 pts.92645
60.croleva1771518.8 sec.505.2 pts.89428
61.fleaball130259.9 sec.680.6 pts.88475
62.lamon291253.4 sec.301.5 pts.87730
63.Amber Sand389235.5 sec.223.2 pts.86835
64.vcr0011761036.5 sec.475.4 pts.83667
65.ShirleyM256199.7 sec.319.5 pts.81782
66.Licoricegirl23377121.3 sec.210.5 pts.79348
67.KatanaCS107496.9 sec.738.9 pts.79057
68.LadyScandal95370.6 sec.830.9 pts.78933
69.GregRoar Premium Member146701.6 sec.537.8 pts.78521
70.emchn109552.3 sec.716.7 pts.78120
71.alben1000353521.4 sec.217 pts.76587
72.Jela118509.5 sec.643.3 pts.75905
73.jtl248301.5 sec.290 pts.71916
74.Grandpa1176150.3 sec.61 pts.71695
75.Rogue_Dwarf123804.9 sec.582 pts.71580
76.fromalabama78192.4 sec.906.8 pts.70734
77.LeesaB387432.8 sec.784.5 pts.68254
78.crit114536.4 sec.595.5 pts.67887
79.ldubbs@hotmail.com233955.1 sec.286.6 pts.66780
80.wjmoore3294473.5 sec.707.9 pts.66538
81.LaJollaMike292487.7 sec.226 pts.65984
82.badevening75228.9 sec.874.5 pts.65588
83.peaceluvhappinezz1601278.4 sec.409.2 pts.65474
84.christibeth123896.7 sec.524.3 pts.64495
85.gmunroe89559.8 sec.720.5 pts.64123
86.cerine75304.6 sec.850.8 pts.63813
87.indigoskies Premium Member114819.7 sec.553.8 pts.63131
88.TraceyS139937.7 sec.443.7 pts.61681
89.alyblaith171165 sec.353.4 pts.60434
90.jazz115557.7 sec.511.6 pts.58837
91.jivic1381461.3 sec.424.9 pts.58642
92.ginlogic2021122956.8 sec.478.2 pts.58341
93.kellsbells338287.5 sec.171.3 pts.57887
94.CATNAP106864.4 sec.531.2 pts.56312
95.OneFrogCan149845.1 sec.373.2 pts.55600
96.cjones_1251088.9 sec.440.4 pts.55052
97.jetscards120792.1 sec.440.7 pts.52886
98.Sure711112416.9 sec.471.6 pts.52815
99.ScarlettOhara1041059.8 sec.505.3 pts.52553
100.uhlicia144180.4 sec.363.5 pts.52351

* Contest began 12:01am EST, 1 May 2022.

Competition Timer
  • SoggyCactus SoggyCactus set a new record of 98 seconds on puzzle #39061 May 24, 2022, 11:00 am
  • SoggyCactus SoggyCactus set a new record of 103 seconds on puzzle #59796 May 24, 2022, 10:55 am
  • SoggyCactus SoggyCactus set a new record of 127 seconds on puzzle #38013 May 24, 2022, 10:26 am
  • penn0502 penn0502 set a new record of 36 seconds on puzzle #55348 May 24, 2022, 9:02 am
  • kittyboo kittyboo set a new record of 129 seconds on puzzle #39427 May 24, 2022, 8:48 am
  • Ravenna206 Ravenna206 set a new record of 161 seconds on puzzle #61386 May 24, 2022, 8:43 am
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