July 2021 Competition - High Score Challenge

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Hall of Fame!

Here are the latest results for this month's High Score Challenge.

In the high-score challenge, players compete to accumulate the highest total point score. Points are awarded according to each puzzle's difficulty, and the speed with which it is solved. While the competition is active, the top 100 ranked players will be listed.

Rank Player Solved Av. Time Av. Pts Total
1.deblu1341306.1 sec.884.8 pts.1186542
2.CoupDeGrace1493278.1 sec.696.2 pts.1039435
3.zenobia431243184.6 sec.804.5 pts.1000000
4.serenia1385169.6 sec.712.9 pts.987352
5.debdra751317354.1 sec.385.3 pts.507400
6.kegger5047562340.4 sec.820.6 pts.461186
7.jsus546445.9 sec.790.2 pts.431449
8.Ali123522349.6 sec.801.2 pts.418208
9.kuriosi_t450284.4 sec.909.2 pts.409156
10.daytripskier546500.9 sec.748.2 pts.408541
11.dalfetsmarak556465.5 sec.661.8 pts.367974
12.aring633629837.8 sec.582.8 pts.366595
13.gilcat474443.8 sec.712.7 pts.337837
14.fromalabama371195.2 sec.904.7 pts.335646
15.KcirderfSdrawkcab831169.7 sec.362.6 pts.301335
16.dominicbeck402565.3 sec.726.9 pts.292194
17.angiej350306.1 sec.761.8 pts.266644
18.Janrae482919.9 sec.511.7 pts.246644
19.Krakodil291289 sec.833.1 pts.242441
20.Avatar1sta414547.5 sec.582.9 pts.241331
21.secondhandbees678219.5 sec.355.1 pts.240764
22.losmond353599.8 sec.669 pts.236156
23.heinz404802.8 sec.570.7 pts.230550
24.MillieMcGee433157.6 sec.513.3 pts.222277
25.raghav94248318.3 sec.867.3 pts.215099
26.Kellnerin604202 sec.340.3 pts.205526
27.aliciacoral Premium Member280539.9 sec.692.9 pts.194019
28.LeesaB3220419.3 sec.801.1 pts.176246
29.badevening240393.3 sec.731.9 pts.175652
30.abbishop274238.4 sec.623.9 pts.170952
31.cuckshake2187269 sec.889.1 pts.166254
32.Wincentn512233.8 sec.324.1 pts.165956
33.Alethea174158 sec.947.4 pts.164839
34.ilmama Premium Member279876.6 sec.572 pts.159599
35.Janana265310.1 sec.573.4 pts.151959
36.snowelf185340.7 sec.801.9 pts.148358
37.pcuser296372.3 sec.496.4 pts.146936
38.ella192281.9 sec.757.7 pts.145472
39.zubin187447.3 sec.769.2 pts.143846
40.vandykat426673.3 sec.333.8 pts.142214
41.Ravenna206195234.5 sec.728.5 pts.142051
42.jazz312436.7 sec.449.6 pts.140285
43.lcba529574.7 sec.251.7 pts.133168
44.alben1000548535.9 sec.239.9 pts.131447
45.Lill672 Premium Member262569.4 sec.479.8 pts.125702
46.hck36267874.9 sec.467.7 pts.124887
47.crit203557.1 sec.588.4 pts.119438
48.fleaball259215.9 sec.440.3 pts.114028
49.soficorzomitt205855.4 sec.528.6 pts.108369
50.vpcarben504245.6 sec.211.4 pts.106547
51.LRThunder511238.6 sec.203.2 pts.103846
52.mmoose42165840.9 sec.602.9 pts.99475
53.GregRoar Premium Member192793.8 sec.510.6 pts.98032
54.chimaera131427.5 sec.731.6 pts.95836
55.Crimsonmaj361106 sec.265.4 pts.95800
56.LinusMom1821058.9 sec.524.5 pts.95453
57.cerine110280.5 sec.863.5 pts.94988
58.chasgoose Premium Member134264.7 sec.707.8 pts.94844
59.KatanaCS143661 sec.657.2 pts.93976
60.Ianos195993.1 sec.478 pts.93206
61.SgtRetired397172.9 sec.227.3 pts.90223
62.WAPam581361.3 sec.154.8 pts.89915
63.jgudino286331.4 sec.311 pts.88935
64.Grigor Premium Member118412.5 sec.734.8 pts.86701
65.AmyStern1931062.9 sec.444.1 pts.85703
66.uhlicia242206 sec.351 pts.84943
67.mrrs154995.3 sec.549.8 pts.84666
68.Ticonderoga219133.2 sec.380.4 pts.83298
69.Selmar1851244 sec.436.9 pts.80820
70.Lilith310978.1 sec.259.6 pts.80485
71.kknelson153746.8 sec.525.1 pts.80347
72.HO21232331.6 sec.344.1 pts.79824
73.elhaamie1601469.3 sec.498.7 pts.79799
74.Mety Su833270.2 sec.95.6 pts.79663
75.blugborg229216.8 sec.342.2 pts.78358
76.derek96468.1 sec.781.3 pts.75006
77.AnthemForOne101542.3 sec.717.6 pts.72478
78.wjmoore32102511.2 sec.694 pts.70784
79.grmoffy235782.2 sec.301.2 pts.70778
80.jch163853.6 sec.429.2 pts.69967
81.Liz3112137361.5 sec.509.9 pts.69857
82.JMISIO351787.9 sec.196.1 pts.68819
83.tviolet223333.5 sec.305.1 pts.68031
84.Marisa Wormwood795216.7 sec.82.1 pts.65306
85.tropicalia11586430 sec.757 pts.65103
86.ribby181153.7 sec.356.3 pts.64498
87.Talegi1681392.7 sec.382.8 pts.64305
88.jm26991804133.3 sec.352.4 pts.63424
89.nkalm132760.1 sec.466.8 pts.61618
90.carolynlp275512 sec.223.7 pts.61530
91.nanc Premium Member272241 sec.226 pts.61477
92.Guinevak434400 sec.141.3 pts.61332
93.gely50151278.7 sec.405.2 pts.61182
94.sarahe0123333937.7 sec.182.8 pts.60867
95.boxeeboxeebox89863 sec.683.3 pts.60813
96.ashebones234470.2 sec.256 pts.59911
97.Nazha72364.8 sec.813.7 pts.58586
98.@@LW@@24671411856.8 sec.409.3 pts.57713
99.Ali5512642285.1 sec.218.4 pts.57669
100.cathpal12390641.3 sec.628.8 pts.56590

* Contest began 12:01am EST, 1 July 2021.

Competition Timer
  • contrary contrary set a new record of 102 seconds on puzzle #11778 July 27, 2021, 8:36 pm
  • kuriosi_t kuriosi_t set a new record of 201 seconds on puzzle #64036 July 27, 2021, 8:02 pm
  • CoupDeGrace CoupDeGrace set a new record of 185 seconds on puzzle #61667 July 27, 2021, 7:38 pm
  • Crimsonmaj Crimsonmaj set a new record of 87 seconds on puzzle #36623 July 27, 2021, 6:23 pm
  • kuriosi_t kuriosi_t set a new record of 222 seconds on puzzle #64000 July 27, 2021, 6:16 pm
  • CoupDeGrace CoupDeGrace set a new record of 194 seconds on puzzle #61941 July 27, 2021, 5:44 pm
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