September 2019 Competition - High Score Challenge

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Hall of Fame!

Here are the latest results for this month's High Score Challenge.

In the high-score challenge, players compete to accumulate the highest total point score. Points are awarded according to each puzzle's difficulty, and the speed with which it is solved. While the competition is active, the top 100 ranked players will be listed.

Rank Player Solved Av. Time Av. Pts Total
1.zenobia431344153.5 sec.744 pts.1000000
2.jsus936391.2 sec.743.4 pts.695869
3.serenia900176.5 sec.747.1 pts.672392
4.dalfetsmarak656323.9 sec.612 pts.401485
5.derek519386.4 sec.770.8 pts.400021
6.ndubs670684.9 sec.566.2 pts.379369
7.gabrielmichael511587.2 sec.677.5 pts.346195
8.rhiane520215.7 sec.658.9 pts.342647
9.Sim1636416.2 sec.505.7 pts.321636
10.fromalabama63097.9 sec.413.9 pts.260784
11.brandy1981315386.2 sec.802.8 pts.252871
12.snowelf299348.9 sec.800.5 pts.239354
13.Grigor Premium Member293380.1 sec.747.2 pts.218940
14.bonbon23222216 sec.954.6 pts.211914
15.pontryagin317510.6 sec.663.8 pts.210432
16.Janana570196.4 sec.363.7 pts.207319
17.peaches31782219254.8 sec.898 pts.196667
18.crit314541.9 sec.600.7 pts.188625
19.mahnamahna288251.5 sec.624.2 pts.179772
20.caa228192194.3 sec.932.8 pts.179101
21.TheDevil610413.9 sec.264.5 pts.161346
22.ella Premium Member193353.9 sec.777.7 pts.150097
23.kuriosi_t164277.1 sec.914.5 pts.149984
24.3ave2227556.8 sec.629.9 pts.142984
25.killcrusher278261.5 sec.493.6 pts.137208
26.Kellnerin413239.5 sec.323.1 pts.133420
27.Drad90155381.5 sec.797.8 pts.123658
28.Mengberg177704.6 sec.650.3 pts.115108
29.abbishop187264.4 sec.606.8 pts.113480
30.1019442561237.9 sec.440.2 pts.112700
31.chelsini168422.1 sec.660.1 pts.110903
32.Wisdom621380174.5 sec.80.2 pts.110643
33.selva173406.1 sec.630 pts.108996
34.coopercatmew494172.4 sec.217 pts.107222
35.angiej36589.7 sec.291.1 pts.106236
36.AuntyS420135.4 sec.242.4 pts.101809
37.ilmama Premium Member234720.8 sec.432.6 pts.101218
38.emchn133405.3 sec.712.5 pts.94768
39.CWal23125487.2 sec.753.7 pts.94213
40.LeesaB3116431.2 sec.801.3 pts.92949
41.larryjeff1671875.3 sec.534.9 pts.89324
42.judetoche152284.4 sec.571.9 pts.86931
43.falafelle152513.2 sec.523.9 pts.79632
44.gilcat120652.4 sec.644.3 pts.77311
45.LadyScandal95427.9 sec.793.2 pts.75351
46.jtl267333.7 sec.280.2 pts.74826
47.kmjackson78139423.3 sec.517.5 pts.71937
48.vaskeet184147.4 sec.390.1 pts.71786
49.wjmoore32124688.9 sec.577.6 pts.71617
50.Sneaks305404.8 sec.232.4 pts.70895
51.Lamp74197.8 sec.937.4 pts.69365
52.leadatmu111711 sec.623.7 pts.69234
53.GadgetQueen233837.3 sec.293.5 pts.68392
54.HisDaughter116734.1 sec.580.5 pts.67340
55.Yaya56612166.7 sec.101.7 pts.62253
56.lamonga217297 sec.278.3 pts.60394
57.losmond104497.8 sec.576.5 pts.59954
58.ltrivison93506.4 sec.643 pts.59800
59.MrsRedFox106429.3 sec.564.1 pts.59799
60.Julesy515659.2 sec.115.6 pts.59521
61.Meggy25876303767.6 sec.193.6 pts.58660
62.lulu2290865.8 sec.64.5 pts.58566
63.jekyllyn89654.4 sec.658 pts.58565
64.argorre de strane113638.3 sec.516 pts.58309
65.kittenchow152964.7 sec.373 pts.56697
66.boxeeboxeebox80561.6 sec.708.7 pts.56692
67.natashaswart122780.1 sec.463.1 pts.56500
68.jc468669394.1 sec.818.8 pts.56500
69.goatinatutu149156.8 sec.372.8 pts.55546
70.GregRoar112888.5 sec.492.6 pts.55167
71.aeh4543197352.9 sec.277.4 pts.54649
72.Asti184351.4 sec.296.8 pts.54602
73.Snigglefrits852109.4 sec.63.9 pts.54402
74.Metalgod6988!221439.4 sec.242.5 pts.53585
75.Selmar255943 sec.204.6 pts.52174
76.kvel175346.7 sec.286.1 pts.50076
77.LRThunder522255.4 sec.95.8 pts.49994
78.alben1000212578.4 sec.227.5 pts.48231
79.thefonz00336291.7 sec.133.2 pts.48201
80.stout13083593.7 sec.577.5 pts.47933
81.moodyredhead198242.9 sec.239.4 pts.47403
82.HayleyB91535.7 sec.509.4 pts.46359
83.flirtylilmustanggirl1191231.9 sec.385.5 pts.45877
84.bennie20062506.5 sec.736.5 pts.45661
85.tea260069621.4 sec.643.6 pts.44410
86.Crimsonmaj170114.8 sec.260.5 pts.44280
87.AnthemForOne62514.8 sec.709.5 pts.43991
88.fivekilometers96742.1 sec.453.5 pts.43533
89.Fritzy84485.9 sec.518.2 pts.43526
90.SingingBotanist170137.4 sec.250.6 pts.42598
91.remrsolo86994.2 sec.495.3 pts.42592
92.slytheringirl65620.1 sec.652.7 pts.42427
93.zmayhem1002721.7 sec.422.4 pts.42235
94.CCortez415188138.2 sec.224.4 pts.42183
95.tviolet160453.6 sec.262.7 pts.42033
96.puzzleursa Premium Member58388.1 sec.721.2 pts.41831
97.CATNAP81879 sec.515.7 pts.41770
98.dominicbeck841227.1 sec.492.4 pts.41361
99.Grandpa619107.5 sec.64.8 pts.40139
100.helenk430721023.7 sec.541.8 pts.39009

* Contest began 12:01am EST, 1 September 2019.

Competition Timer
  • Wisdom62 Wisdom62 set a new record of 67 seconds on puzzle #33542 September 21, 2019, 9:17 am
  • Wisdom62 Wisdom62 set a new record of 37 seconds on puzzle #55147 September 21, 2019, 8:00 am
  • bonbon23 bonbon23 set a new record of 196 seconds on puzzle #63953 September 21, 2019, 3:10 am
  • vaskeet vaskeet set a new record of 148 seconds on puzzle #22021 September 20, 2019, 6:44 pm
  • vaskeet vaskeet set a new record of 104 seconds on puzzle #59609 September 20, 2019, 6:06 pm
  • rubytuesday rubytuesday set a new record of 70 seconds on puzzle #7930 September 20, 2019, 5:05 pm
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